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SCHOLARSHIP EXAMINATION FOR MBBS STUDENTS TO STUDY ABROAD - Indian students who want complete an MBBS scholarship from abroad for world-class medical education. For such meritorious and needy students, this MBBS scholarship is a platform through which scholarships are provided till complete graduation so that those students can make their future in medicine. Indian students who are willing to study medical courses and are interested in doing MBBS abroad but are unable to fulfill their plan due to financial expenditure, by provided scholarships for complete MBBS education through this platform. They will be helped to make a future in the medical world.
This scholarship scheme for these meritorious MBBS students of India is an elixir that helps the students to realize their dreams of pursuing medical education in these courses from the best university in the world.
MBBS Scholarship Test in India holds a high and leading position in the premier medical entrance scholarship examinations of the country.
Through this platform, financial assistance is being provided to eligible medical candidates for pursuing education in medical courses.

Golden Opportunity

A Golden Opportunity for a Scholarship for MBBS students

One-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study medicine for free without investing any money.

Will bear the entire cost of your studies.

100% Full Scholarship

Get 100% Scholarships for indian medical students

A full Degree fee and expenses is covered in the scholarship program

Get free food and living expenses also covered in a scholarship

Quality Education

Admission to World-class universities with world-class standards of medical education

Opportunity to study in a world-class government medical college.

Full Practical education at NMC and WHO-approved Global medical universities.

Merit Base Selection

Selection of students for the scholarship by examination

More than 10 thousand students have taken advantage of this scholarship opportunity.

The scholarship will be provided for complete medical education and an MBBS degree


This is a beneficial scholarship for medical students. it is especially helpful to all deserving medical students who come from a weak economic background. The goal of the national merit scholarship program is to provide financial aid to all deserving and brilliant medical students so that they can pursue their "dream of pursuing medical study." It is a ray of hope for the students aspiring to pursue education in MBBS courses by associating with medical scholarship tests. It is an excellent platform for all aspiring medicos. The main objective is to take special measures to help the students, who aspire to study MBBS courses from all over India. “Scholarship for MBBS (Medical Scholarship Test) helps medical students in realizing their ambitions of receiving a scholarship to further their education". “MBBS (Medical Scholarship Test) is providing an opportunity that helps medical aspirants to pursue their education with scholarships and make their dreams come true by becoming a doctor".

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Scholarship for MBBS abroad - Many young students in India want to make a career in the field of medicine, but due to the limited number of seats in government colleges and very high fees of private colleges, a large part of the money is also in the form of donations from the above and many more. Eligible medical candidates feel unable to take admission even on this because of overcharging as charges. In today's time, a huge part of medical aspirants is willing to study medicine from abroad because they can get a world-class medical education at very less expensive than private colleges in India.
We have started this scholarship program for Indian students to help medical aspirants to get a high-quality medical education and to provide scholarships for MBBS abroad.
Students who want to get admission to a foreign medical university know very well that this desire is not cheap for everyone.
For many such eligible candidates, an MBBS scholarship abroad for Indian students in the form of financial aid is the only way to fulfill that desire. We know that scholarship is the only essential way to study abroad, by which they can be helped in their medical studies abroad according to their qualifications.
Getting a full MBBS scholarship can be one of the most important achievements for Indian students who wish to study medicine abroad. Here in this scholarship program, we are providing full scholarships to such students to help them. And keep in mind that every year an examination is conducted for the best selection of the deserving and needy candidates for the benefit of the students. This exam is known as a medical scholarship test all over India. Scholarships are awarded to Indian students for pursuing MBBS studies abroad and for completion of degrees, which are awarded to passed and well-performing students.

Its exam provides a platform of assistance to all MBBS candidates to pursue medical education in best government medical colleges in Uzbekistan by awarding scholarships on merit. It is one of the most popular scholarship exams in the country among medical students who wish to study abroad. It is purely a merit based test. Every year this exam is organized at the national level.

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Get Complete information about this scholarship initiative.

Indian students who want to make their future in medical field and want to serve as a doctor by completing MBBS degree.

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Know about the eligibility to participate in this exam

The students appearing in this exam are required to fulfill one of the eligibility criteria. To know more about its eligibility, click here.

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From here you can download all kinds of material like admit card roll number, syllabus and every such material from this

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To appear in this scholarship exam, it is very important for you to appear in NEET exam to know more about it.

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Indian Students Reviews Studying In Tashkent Medical Academy

From here you can know about those students who have taken advantage of this scholarship program by coming in merit.

a candidate who got a scholarship for MBBS students

Kunal Vijay

2021 From Kolhapur Maharashtra
a candidate who got a scholarship for MBBS students

Ojasvi Sharma

2021 From Jaipur
a candidate who got a scholarship for MBBS students

Gokul Ram

2021 From Coimbatore Taminadu
a candidate who got a scholarship for MBBS students


2021 From Vikarabad Telangana
a candidate who got a scholarship for MBBS students


2021 From Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir
a candidate who got a scholarship for MBBS students


2021 From Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir
a candidate who got a scholarship for MBBS students


2021 From Coimbatore
a candidate who got a scholarship for MBBS students


2021 From Kollam

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